Flightech Advisory Services

Owning your own aircraft affords you the opportunity to travel in the most convenient, safe and private way possible.  Using the aircraft as a tool for business ensures you the efficiency and flexibility that your thriving company demands.  Without proper maintenance and oversight, all of those positive reasons are in jeopardy.

Flightech Advisory Services was born out of necessity after witnessing too many aircraft owners being led astray by their pilots and management companies.  Whether you are a private owner utilizing your aircraft for your own personal and/or business purposes, or if you have placed your aircraft with a management company to offset the cost of ownership with charter revenue, you can benefit from having an unbiased third party maintenance professional provide additional oversight to ensure that your asset is being cared for in the manner that it deserves.

We have built an impressive menu of professional services at Flightech Advisory that are designed to enhance your ownership experience and provide you with peace of mind.  Not only can we offer technical oversight that is second to none, we can also offer administrative services designed to limit your financial exposure.  Whether it's for a replacement part, required inspection or large upgrade, through industry knowledge and all of the right contacts, it is reasonable to expect savings in excess of 35% over retail rates.

We encourage you to browse our website to learn more about the services we offer and to ask yourself how you may benefit from them.  Please keep in mind that only our most popular services are listed.  If you have a need for a service that is not listed, we would be more than happy to discuss it with you.

~ Jason Figarsky, President & Founder